Animation Nodes


(Horse44) #3241

Just to update, I spoke to the author of the video and the sole issue was failing to capitalise the ‘Col’ attribute in the material shader.

(lynchon) #3242


I`m just following the docs as a step by step learning and I just got stucked here. I’m using a falloff to scale each individual face of the torus, and it works, but seems that each face has its own axis orientation, how can i make them scale only in X axis?


(RayVelcoro) #3243

Is this the effect you’re looking for?


Is it possible to merge vertices of two different mesh procedural with animation nodes? If so How do I do it.

(Yash Patel) #3245

Here is blend file

It is highly customisable. Enjoy and learn.

(drgci) #3246

can someone compile the animation node for the latest blender buildbot builds?
please for windows

(BlackRainbow) #3247

is there any way to apply and offset animation from another object to objects in the group based on the fallof?

(hasith mayanga) #3248

Please can you make animationnode avialible for 32 bit

(BeaBro) #3250

Hi, will there be a release for Python 3.7?

(pecador) #3251

Well it´s seems that development of Animation Nodes has been abandoned now.

(drgci) #3252

i dont know ,its so hard to compile the animation nodes for python 3.7?
i mean blender master has so many improvements that its just didnt make sense to stay on the official release

(Corey Green) #3253

I think exactly what some users like myself would need, as a beginner is a detailed page explaining what each node does.

Current docs still don’t help newbies grasp the basics IMHO.

Anyone know where we can get this please?

(txusmiCG) #3254

Hello Corey

Try this:

(Corey Green) #3255

Thanks! But not quite what I meant.

I was saying a (comprehensive) listing of all nodes and clearer details what they do in one place.

The current documentation you sent I have seen, appreciate some of the work there, but it doesn’t quite help take a newbie to intermediate level because of some large presumptions in knowledge IMHO and some nodes lack details.

And the videos only cover some nodes but not always exactly what each node does and how/why.

Thanks though.

(Corey Green) #3256

Please help!

Out of nowhere is seems the animation nodes documentation has been changed, it appears that significant parts of the Subprogram > Loops > Examples have just gone!

I’m trying to learn this significant area and as advised have been using the docs. It now the examples I have been working have been greatly shortened.

(razin) #3257

dont know about the development but jacques said that he’s planning to port AN to 2.8

(RayVelcoro) #3258

Hi all,

I have a simple AN setup which create faces from points in space dictated by a particle system. (see image below) Now I would like to colorize the individual faces randomly. Is this possible with Animation Nodes?

(BlenderWillie) #3259

To my knowledge the Set Vertex Color node is the only way that could work. I tried to rebuild your node setup and a particle system to test it, but propably messed up some settings. So I couldn’t check if it really works in this case. May be I get it running this evening. Because you generate meshes that contain verticies it should work in theory.

(RayVelcoro) #3260

Thx for looking into it, BlenderWillie. Please let me provide you with my .blend. (It’s AN 2.1)

AN PS FACES.blend (4.7 MB)

(BlenderWillie) #3261

Thanks for the .blend file. The faces are generated and they can be colored with the Set Vertex Color Node. Because all faces are transfered to one single mesh object the whole mesh has the same color.
I guess it’s necessary to create single mesh objects for eache face inside the loop and apply the vertex color in the loop.