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My bad, different project.:slight_smile:

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With the standard “Set Vertex Color” you can only color the whole mesh with a single color. I wrote a node a while ago, though witch lets you color a mesh with multiple vertex colors.

You can grab it from here:

There is a tutorial on how to use it in post 3169 of this thread:

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Good day,

        I saved a rendered animation video and I want to replay it but I can't seem to. I save it in a folder but all I can see is 100's of Png picture. Please how do I play back the animation

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Does anyone know how to scale an object that is fed into an instancer?

Lets say I have a box that is 1 unit and fed into an instancer that instances it over a grid. Now I want to scale the box object down to 0.1 unit so that all the instances are also 0.1 unit.

I tried modifying the mesh data by decomposing and composing (and also trying bunch of matrix transforms etc) it back then feeding to the instance but that does not work.

I can definetely modify the instances inside a loop, but I am wondering if I can actual modify the main object (or its mesh data) in the node tree in a way that also affects the outcome of cascading operations like an instancer.

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Hi there,

this is a node setup that works for me. The Instancer gets the standard cube with it’s standard size. (Visibility hidden)

The distribution matrix is decomposed and composed again, but with the scale from the value you want.

Hope this could help


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Hey thanks for the node flow. I see how you do. I was some how trying to do it through manipulating the node flow that goes from an object node input (instead you directly selected the object in the instancer.)

Your set up will definetely work for me.

I guess I am wondering if it is possible to do this by directly manipulating the origin object along the way? For instance say you have object input node (that selected cube) then fed to instancer. is it possible to maniupulate the mesh data between the object input node and the instancer such that resulting mesh changes are also reflected in the final node flow, exactly how you did in the alternate matrix setup?


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Hey there,

manipulating mesh data without a loop depends on finding nodes that support vectorization. That means if they are able to process lists. The nodes I found for manipulating mesh data (Object Mesh Data, Mesh Data from Object) don’t support that. (But may be there are some I overlooked that do it.)

Generally you can do a lot without loops by using vectorization, but at a certain point you’ll probably have to use loops.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Your recommended solution works for me at the moment.