Animation Nodes


(Jacques Lucke) #3302

The sound system is being worked on. It is not really usable currently, we are aware of this.

The issue on macos has probably be fixed here:
I’ll make a new built soon. You can fix it locally yourself right now if you want to.

(Artur Mandas) #3303

Thank you very much!

I am an experienced Houdini user and am looking for a rendertime point cloud based instancing of meshes with attributes pulled from alembic file. AFAIK pure Blender cannot do this. Is that doable via AN?

Best regards

(Bernardo) #3304

hi again! :slight_smile:

I am trying your node but I am having some trouble understanding how to use it correctly. I am still quite new to AN.

As you can see in the screenshot I get a warning about the number of vertexes being invalid. I guess this is because he want’s to know how many vertexes there are in the mesh. I thought about creating a loop and using its index as index input for the vertex color node, but I get a critical error.

Looking at your tutorial in the post 3169 I see you use matrices, but I cannot find some of the nodes, like the “prepare transform polygons” and the “transform polygons” ones. Opening the file you provided they are unidentified nodes, so I guess they are either coming from an old AN version or another custom node.

Anyway… any help would be great! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

(Lumpengnom) #3305

The Color Vector input requires exactly as many vectors as the object which is input has vertex colors.

An object has as many vertex colors as it has polygon corners. A polygon corner is not the same as a vertex. If you think of two quads that are connected by one edge there are 6 vertices. But 8 polygon corners. Every polygon has 4 corner after all.
BTW in Blender a polygon corner is called “loop” but that is very confusing name.

Your “evaluate falloff” node needs to be a list and you have to input the corners of the polygons which you get via “separate polygons” node.

You are right the “Prepare Polygon Transformation” node does not exist anymore. It is from an older version of AN. I think now you use the “Extract Polygon Transforms” node but its been a while and I could be wrong.

(kkar) #3306

checkout blendersushi videos on Youtube

(Bernardo) #3307

I think it’s working now! That’s how the node tree looks like now. If you feel something might be improved please let me know!

Thank you very much for your help and for sharing the custom node!

I hope I am not taking too much advantage here, but is there a way to do the same with vertex groups?

(Printer Killer) #3308

I see in the commits that this issue is fixed! Will wait for the next build

Baking AN in 2.8 crashes Blender every time even without any node.
Managed to print screen before it died.
Doe’s anyone else experience this? (Windows 10)

(Lumpengnom) #3309

Yeah, seems to work fine. I allways like plugging a Curve Interpolation Curve into the Object controller Falloff. With that you can control how the elements plopp in and out.

Anyway, perhaps you can post the rendered result when it is finished. It´s allways interesting to see what people do with AN.

As for the Vertex Groups I assume that a node could be written. I don´t have time for it at the moment, though. Perhaps in January or February if I don´t forget it.

(Bernardo) #3310

I still have quite a long way for the finished result, we are in concept and R&D phase, but I will post it here when it’s finished!

for the vertex weight node, I perfectly understand! :slight_smile: My final goal here is to be able to control material (with vertex color) and particle emission. I think it’s limiting in blender the fact that you cannot control properties in materials and in particles (or other parts of the program) with the same tools. I think there should be a way of “converting” vertex groups and vertex colors in a dynamic way in order to use them in different parts of blender. Anyway, I’ll investigate that and let you guys know if I find a solution. If someone has ideas, I am all hears :slight_smile:

(Lumpengnom) #3311

[quote=“Bernardo, post:3310, topic:622676”]I think it’s limiting in blender the fact that you cannot control properties in materials and in particles (or other parts of the program) with the same tools.
I think there should be a way of “converting” vertex groups and vertex nodes in a dynamic way in order to use them in different parts of blender

Oh, yes, there should be. Particles in Blender are pretty bad. If your particles systems don´t have too many particles you can use AN instead. However, AN breaks down if you want use tens of thousands of objects. In my experience you have to use particles for large amounts of objects and you have to live with the limitations and quirks.
But there are workarounds for a lot of things. Not for everything, though. Some things (quite a lot) are simply not possible with Blenders particles.

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #3312

Bernardo, it looks really interesting: how did you shaped specifically to the hexagon polygon separation? How did you setup that custom shape?, Polygons always break part as triangles…so?

(Bernardo) #3313

yeah… problem is finding those workarounds often! :smiley:

(Bernardo) #3314

Hi David!
Do you mean how did I obtain the hexagon sphere? If that’s the question just take an icosphere, add a lvl 1 subdiv modifier and apply it.

You can then select the center of the the hexagons (by selecting one vertex and select similar by amount of connecting edges) and dissolve them.

Not sure if I understood correctly the question, in case let me know :slight_smile:

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #3315

icosphere has triangles as each face. Your example shows hexagons. Is this a custom shape to dissolve the icosphere? or are the faces torn appart as their original (hexagon?) shapes?
Thanks for the reply.

(Bernardo) #3316

if you follow the procedure I described in the post you’ll get hexagons :slight_smile:

or check this video

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #3317

Thank you!! Nifty technique.

(Gary Parris) #3318

so far i either the animations don’t render the frames and
(1) only renders a single first frame for the whole animation
(2) if trying to bake any frames within AN it crashes blender,
(3) if you try to render an animation where you already have frames blender also crashes after four or more frames have been rendered again.

B3D v2.8 19/12/2018 with AN 2.1.3 as of same date for B2.80.

(kkar) #3319

@Jacques_Lucke Do you have any plans to add some kind of mesher node for particles to AN?

(razin) #3320

AN doesn’t work with the latest 2.80 :confused: does anyway have a working AN with 2.80 please ?

(mak485) #3321

yes it is working. u need to update some py. go to latest release download page, u will see 8 (or more) commit after release, click on this, u will find where to change. easy way, get the file names to amend, download latest repository, replace those files only.