Animation Nodes


(razin) #3322

Didn’t find how to download the latest repository so i opened the files and copy paste directly the corrected code and it worked, thank you

(JWise) #3323

@Jacques_Lucke announced a short while ago on Twitter that a new build for AN is posted. It’s on the older post and will appear as the last update, but rest assured it is a current build working on 2.8 again.

(RayVelcoro) #3324

Hi all,

been busy trying to get an 2.1 running, it works pretty much except when i try to render multiple frames of a animation it keeps rendering the same frame I started with. Does anybody know why this is happening?

please have a look at the .blend;

an.blend (549.1 KB)

(RayVelcoro) #3325


Go to View > Viewport Render Animation It will not take the samples settings of eevee but it will take the “Workbench” Settings under > Film > Antialiasing

(mateparaguai) #3326

A few tuts for AN_2.1 in Blender_2.8

Points move around cycle


EEVEE smoke

From C4D to Blender 2.8
(RayVelcoro) #3327

More ppl experiencing troubles when baking sound within 2.1.3 / 2.80.40?


(MusicAmg) #3328

It’s known bug, I reported that last month… Jacques is aware of this as well… Just have to wait on the fix… I too need this desperately to work… What I can do with audio needs to be seen visually… lol

(Daniel Paul) #3329

Example of a simple IvyGrower in AN

(tonton) #3330

Hi guys, first of all a big thank you to Jacques Luke for its amazing addon and new version ! (noise falloff, oh yeah !)

I did a few test this afternoon with blender 2.8 and AN, works great so far, except for rendering, AN seems to make blender crash after a few rendered frames, anyone else encountered this problem ?
I found a way to render it correctly through a simple render script freezing the interface, and looping through every frame in rendering range. The bug seems to come from scene update in animation operator.

I wanted to reproduce a mograph cinema 4d effect i saw somewhere. The nodetree just uses a curve and 3 controller objects, pretty happy about the result ! what do you think guys ?

And the render script (info about rendering are in the console window) :

import bpy

scn = bpy.context.scene
fp = scn.render.filepath

for i in range(scn.frame_start, scn.frame_end + 1) :
    scn.frame_current = i
    print("start render frame"+str(i))['Scene'].render.filepath = fp + str(i).zfill(4)
    bpy.ops.render.render( write_still=True ) 
scn.render.filepath = fp
print("render finished")

And if anyone is interested, i can share the blend, and here’s a link who helped a lot to achieve this result : (great explanation by omar as usual !)

cheers !

ps : sorry for long breakdown video, it was kind of hard to do with my 13’ laptop :wink:

(Sergusster) #3331

In my experience you can drastically decrease amount of crashes by hiding 3D viewport and outliner prior to render

(tonton) #3332

thanks for the advice, i already tried to keep UI during rendering, i also tried the “lock UI” option which was quoted in a thread somewhere, but in my case, it didn’t prevent the update bug. Less crash, but frames rendered weren’t the right one almost always. That’s why i tried the little script above.

(MusicAmg) #3333

bake audio is now fixed… look for new version on git hub… received email via git hub that the issue has been closed…

(Bernardo) #3334


I need some help with AN. I am trying to extrapolate the rotation of the faces in a mesh. How can I do that? Basically I am instancing meshes on a mesh that is created by planes and I would like such mesh to rotate according to the face onto which it’s being instanced on. This is a screen that might help understand what I mean:

Also, Sometime ago I was here to ask for some help for an animation I was working on. We’re getting to the end, but I still cannot share the results, soon we should be finishing it and I’ll be able to show it. The AN setup in the end was quite simple, and I ended up using shader textures instead of vertex paint as I was thinking in the end.

Thank you!

(Bernardo) #3335

hello again… I am here with another question, thou I still didn’t solve the issue from yesterday :slight_smile:

Is there a way to instance a group instead of a single object? I managed to use a group, but then what happens is that only single objects from the group are randomly instanced. I would like the whole group to be instance as a single object instead (I mean, it can be still separated objects, but each instance should contain all the objects of the group).

thank you!

(JoseConseco) #3336

Great job. Can u share the blend?

(Daniel Paul) #3337

Yes of course, but it’s not ready yet, I don’t have time at the moment.
I think this result could be achieved much better and with much better performance,
but this was my first attempt to build something in AN :slight_smile:

If you want to change the geometry, you have to rebuild the BVH Tree by clearing the cache under the “Find Vecotrs on Surface” Frame. To change some settings you can use the parameters on the “N” Panel under AN.

At the moment, keyframes don’t work, so I had to build the animation of the video in AN. (Frame “Animation”)

Cheers Daniel


Hi, I’m starting to learn animation node…

There’s a way to get point data from an active soft body?
Basically I need to keep point positions updated according to physics simulation.

(Bernardo) #3339

It should work with an object mesh input with the modifier switch activated, but I’ve never tested it myself, so I cannot guarantee it’ll work with the soft body simulation.


:+1: it works!
Using curves I could get multiple splines in a single obj, in mesh mode it joins em All… but with some list operations I think i could easily fix this.

(K0sa) #3341

hi, i have problem with terminal render. In my project (Blender 2.8) i used Animation Nodes addons (v 2.1), when i want to render animation through terminal every frame are the same, depends on what frame i quit from blender. This same animation created in 2.79 and no problem with terminal render, so i have questions:

  1. there is some additional command to enable this addon through terminal?
  2. is this happening because Animation Nodes addon it’s in beta stage ?
  3. maybe i do something wrong ?

thanks for answers