Animation Nodes


(razin) #3322

Didn’t find how to download the latest repository so i opened the files and copy paste directly the corrected code and it worked, thank you

(JWise) #3323

@Jacques_Lucke announced a short while ago on Twitter that a new build for AN is posted. It’s on the older post and will appear as the last update, but rest assured it is a current build working on 2.8 again.

(RayVelcoro) #3324

Hi all,

been busy trying to get an 2.1 running, it works pretty much except when i try to render multiple frames of a animation it keeps rendering the same frame I started with. Does anybody know why this is happening?

please have a look at the .blend;

an.blend (549.1 KB)

(RayVelcoro) #3325


Go to View > Viewport Render Animation It will not take the samples settings of eevee but it will take the “Workbench” Settings under > Film > Antialiasing

(mateparaguai) #3326

A few tuts for AN_2.1 in Blender_2.8

Points move around cycle


EEVEE smoke

(RayVelcoro) #3327

More ppl experiencing troubles when baking sound within 2.1.3 / 2.80.40?


(MusicAmg) #3328

It’s known bug, I reported that last month… Jacques is aware of this as well… Just have to wait on the fix… I too need this desperately to work… What I can do with audio needs to be seen visually… lol

(Daniel Paul) #3329

Example of a simple IvyGrower in AN

(tonton) #3330

Hi guys, first of all a big thank you to Jacques Luke for its amazing addon and new version ! (noise falloff, oh yeah !)

I did a few test this afternoon with blender 2.8 and AN, works great so far, except for rendering, AN seems to make blender crash after a few rendered frames, anyone else encountered this problem ?
I found a way to render it correctly through a simple render script freezing the interface, and looping through every frame in rendering range. The bug seems to come from scene update in animation operator.

I wanted to reproduce a mograph cinema 4d effect i saw somewhere. The nodetree just uses a curve and 3 controller objects, pretty happy about the result ! what do you think guys ?

And the render script (info about rendering are in the console window) :

import bpy

scn = bpy.context.scene
fp = scn.render.filepath

for i in range(scn.frame_start, scn.frame_end + 1) :
    scn.frame_current = i
    print("start render frame"+str(i))['Scene'].render.filepath = fp + str(i).zfill(4)
    bpy.ops.render.render( write_still=True ) 
scn.render.filepath = fp
print("render finished")

And if anyone is interested, i can share the blend, and here’s a link who helped a lot to achieve this result : (great explanation by omar as usual !)

cheers !

ps : sorry for long breakdown video, it was kind of hard to do with my 13’ laptop :wink:

(Sergusster) #3331

In my experience you can drastically decrease amount of crashes by hiding 3D viewport and outliner prior to render

(tonton) #3332

thanks for the advice, i already tried to keep UI during rendering, i also tried the “lock UI” option which was quoted in a thread somewhere, but in my case, it didn’t prevent the update bug. Less crash, but frames rendered weren’t the right one almost always. That’s why i tried the little script above.

(MusicAmg) #3333

bake audio is now fixed… look for new version on git hub… received email via git hub that the issue has been closed…