Animation Nodes

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if you really want to break the loop at a certein point you can do that like shown in the picture below.
(You can add a break condition in the advanced node settings of the loop input node.)

So the loop is executed until the break condition becomes true and then the loop breaks. It will be executed again and again and break if condition is met.

If you really want a single execution of the code you should consider using a subprogram group.

Hello and thanks :slight_smile: . I tought about breaking the Loop but in fact, the Loop has to be executed in continue so I can break when I want. I just want to be able to store the state “Animated” of an object so if it’s already true or false, perhaps, I can compare it with the value of the Loop result and switch the result if there are the same.

I found this in the docs, I’m gonna try to find if the solution could be there :

Are there any shared procedural models (preferably hard-surface objects) made with A.N. that are built to be easily customizable with sliders?
So far I found nothing of the sort on Blend Swap, sketchfab or free3D by searching “Animation Nodes”.
I’m not looking for something very precise but would like to explore the possibilities and show off what the add-on can do for modeling.

not specially modelisation-oriented but you can find some examples here

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excellent! I hope this project grows.
Are there other resources of the same kind ?

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not that i know of ! But I sure hope the repo is going to grow :wink: if you find yourself in need of some “basic” nodetree, don’t hesitate to ask, I m always looking for good examples to put in there! And also don’t hesitate to put yours when you get the grasp on AN! :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t seen them - Blue Fox Creation links the project files for their YT tutorials below each video. I am stashing projects like these to append as needed but I would love if there was an addon that could manage all the shared presets!

I think this project would gain visibility if it was published as a collection on a 3D model sharing platform like Blend Swap or Sketchfab, on which users could upload their models and submit them to be added to the collection.
Both platforms have such a system:
and they are the 2 most used by Blender users.

That said Sketchfab would be more tricky as it would require to export models and animations to something compatible with their web 3D visualizer, so I think Blend swap would be the easier choice.

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see your point, but git systems have a lot of flexibility in file hosting, and allows to communicate quite simply with python. In the end, the purpose is to get this repository to communicate with blender directly to get the template you need. And having a bunch of “raw” files as github exposed them is quite convenient regarding this purpose !
And the push system makes it easy to “moderate” this kind of collection !

Is a way to export / link mesh with animation nodes?

Hi guys, another simple utility : camera frustrum nodetree !

cheers !

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