Animation noise help


is there any way to decrease the amount of noise? It is an animation and I want the best results possible. Blender denoiser causes flickering so I want to use denoiser in Davinci. But still I need to cut down the noise. This is rendered at 14K samples.

Thank you in advance!

image link:

Welcome to the community!

If you still have that much noise at 14k samples, I am going to assume the window is using a basic glass material. In Cycles, that’s generally a problem, because it’s a renderer that struggles with lighting scenes through glass.

If you want to make a scene with massive windows, you should use this for your glass material:

This setup will make all shadows and diffuse materials see the glass as if it was a transparent shader instead (and you can control the exact opacity of shadows by changing the color of the transparent bsdf).

It’s likely more light will go through than before, so you may have to redo your lighting setup a bit.