Animation not doing what its supposed to do!

I have a turret I am trying to model as coming ‘out’ of the ground, and then pivoting downward. Right now I’m just working on figuring out the actual rotation of the turret itself, the problem I am having is that I have the key-frames set up to rotate on one axis only.

But the problem is that when I actually RUN the animation, the turret itself goes ‘loopsided’ while trying to rotate (meaning it leans to the far left while in the process of moving toward its final position) yet I never TOLD it to do that when I was setting it up!

Anyone know why this is happening? I’ve had that occur on a few of my other turrets that I’ve been trying to animate and have yet to figure out ‘why’ it is doing it, espically since all I am doing is rotating the parented point of the turret.

I’ll get an animation up shortly to show what the turret ‘is not’ supposed to be doing :frowning:

You see how it rotates to the left like that ‘out’ of its alignment with the mesh? Why is it DOING that and not just rotating like its supposed to?

This is probably an error with the rotation mode; I’m not sure exactly what it is as I can’t see your rig.

But I can tell you how to make a turret that won’t have that problem.

Turret Demonstration.blend (618 KB)

The mount is locked to translating on the z-axis and rotating around the z-axis. The gun is a child of the mount object, and it is limited to rotating around its own x-axis.

If you want to make the gun automatically target something, look at layer 2.

Sorry I can’t be of more help with your specific problem!

That is odd. I tried to lock the X and Y axis, but Z only permits me to rotate the object along the SAME axis as what X does, for some reason, X and Z are using the same axis? Ughs…

I uploaded the .blend, maybe you can figure out what I am doing wrong from it =(

It does seem that if I switch the pivot point on the turret itself to XZY Eular, then I can lock it to the right axis and it’ll do what its supposed to do. But if I keep it on the XYZ Eular, it doesn’t work :frowning:


Base Turret.blend (2.46 MB)

Try this, you had some random rotations going on, i just started from scratch again and only keyframed the y axis

Base Turret.blend (2.46 MB)