Animation not exporting correctly

Hey there blender artists,

I have made a animation by parenting objects to one another, and now when I export my animation to a fbx the entire thing looks nothing like it should. I have not used an armature. Just plain keyframing the rotation en location of objects.

I think it is because I didn’t apply the scale before animating, is there any way to do this post animating?

This is the blend file. Kever.blend (4.8 MB)


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When you say export… export to what?

I export it to a fbx, and import it to unity and everything is all over the place. It’s just a keyframe animation, nothing fancy.

Hmmmmm… as a test, what does it look like when you import it back into blender?

This is what happens, even if I export from blender to blender.

Does anyone have an idea?

hey , I recently had this problem and did export to collada dae from 2.8 to 2.79 and import the blend file in 2.79 directly sketchfab, it worked fine unity still doesn’t support blender 2.8 but you can import the 2.79 blend file.

i’m sure this work arround is not the best way and I’d also want to know if its possible to apply the transformation after the animation is done without messing it up :sweat:

Hi @Olivierus,

The scaling issue is probably the cause of you’re problems. Because I’m not familiar with the entire hierarchy of your animation I’ve not been able to fully solve the issue but here is an fbx of the body / wings working ( this works in Blender to Blender, no idea what it looks like in Unity ).

Kever.fbx (99.8 KB)

Excluding the ‘wings’, which have scaling animation on them all other parts of the body do not need any scaling key frames. So I systematically deleted all the scale keys for these, then with a part selected and keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl-a’ I reset the scaling.

However, there is something about the remaing parts of your insect ( legs etc) that breaks if scaling is reset on them, which is why I’ve only been able to extract the body into an fbx. You probably know what that is though.


I’m sorry, but in this instance this didn’t work for me. Still the same result.

Thank you for this answer, I hadn’t thought about removing the scale keyframes where they weren’t needed. But like you said, it still has this problem with the legs. But I don’t seem to be doing anything weird with them, or using scale. This could be a bug in my eyes.

I have found a fix for my problem.

Instead of applying the scale to the object directly, you can first move the “animate transforms to delta” and then you can apply scale. But only scale. In this case that did the trick. Thanks for the help.

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