Animation not in full.

I playing around with animation and I don’t understand why my bones don’t do the full motion. its suppose to band all the way down and move 90 degrees CW but when I try to blend the actions together, it only go halfway. its also does not have a smooth flowing motion.

you are doing ArmUp at the same time; the bones are fighting each other. There is some rotation in ArmDown where it jumps after the NLA action strip; you have to find it and delete it. the second bone also twists on its way down; not good cause it throws any subsequent rotation (like CC) off.
For you to figure out this problem in general, space out your NLA actions so that each occur only one at a time. In this case, ArmDown 1-20, ArmUp 21-40, RotCC 41-60, and RotCW 61-80. When they all do what they are supposed to do individually, then you can slide them together. But when you do, Blender will average out the targets.

So I can’t merge to different action to form a new action?

oh yes, it is just that when you are trying to figure out why something doesnt work, you have to isolate where the problem came in (which pose action is causing the problem).
By my saying Blender will average them out, I mean that if you have an ArmDown that drops it down in side view, and a RotCC that rotates it CC from Top view, when those two actions are overlaid, the arm will swoop down at a 45 degree angle. If you have the arm go down, and twist at the same time, and have a parallel action to rotate RELATIVE TO ITS (twisted) axis, you will get strange motion.

So how can I solve this problem like I wish to let it go all the way down and Rot at the same time? As you can see its not doing the full down action and the full Rot action?

The problems with the “non-full-action” and the “jumping” are because you have the Add
(additve blending) button turned on in the NLA properties. I’m not exactly sure what that button is supposed to do :slight_smile: , but when I turned it off, the behavior becomes what you’re looking for.


Thanks! yea… it works now. but than what is this “Add” tab for?

good morning. today’s reading, to answer your question:

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