Animation not loading since 2.63a

Hi everyone,

I created an animation last year using Blender 2.63a. Unfortunately, when I loaded the .blend file with 2.65 and more recently with 2.65a, the model and materials are all intact, but there is no animation data.

At first, I thought I’d had a complete disaster, but opening the same file with 2.63a is still OK. I missed the 2.64 release because I wasn’t using Blender for a while, but I’ve just tried both 2.64 and 2.64a and neither of them show the animation data either.

Before posting this, I have searched for anything similar and looked at the release notes for Blender, but I can’t find anything to give me a clue as to what to look for.

I don’t have any actions or shape keys for this animation, it was all just set up with keyframes and the dope sheet and graph editor.

I have the feeling that I must be missing something obvious because I can’t find any evidence that anyone else is having this problem :slight_smile:

Any guidance would be great.

To summarise:

The following version of Blender has everything; model, materials, animation.

All of the following have the model and materials OK, but no animation data:

Other than this one very major problem, everything else seems to be fine with all versions.