Animation not playing in render view

Hi, very new to blender just started a few days ago. I’m doing a few little animations with a sphere just to get the hang of it, I’m turning a square into a sphere and back again. When I play it the animation plays smoothly in solid view, wireframe, textured, and material view, but for some reason, it doesn’t play in rendered view. It just sits at the first frame. I was wondering why it won’t play in rendered view, is it my specs, or is there just some preference that I over looked?

The render view doesn’t work well for animations because it takes too long to render a frame. I think you are using blender internal as well, which I cannot remember if it only renders the current frame and stops.
You will have to properly render the whole animation (creating actual image files for each frame), and compile all the frames together to see the rendered animation.

I see, thank you. I changed it from blender render to cycles render and got my animation to play albeit very slowly and filled with lots of noise in the render view. Thanks again.