Animation not running smooth


I am designing a passthrough of USS Enterprise from Star Trek and it all goes well, considering this is my first project in Blender.

The Enterprise is following a curve just like it should and so I rendered the animation to PNG stills and then exported those to H264 mp4 within blender. However, when I play the animation, the ship doesn’t move very smoothly.

The video is at

I spent some time trying to figure out what could be the problem, but haven’t been able to find anything wrong, so I thought I’d ask you, the more experienced people whether you have any ideas what could be causing this. Thanks!

As far as I can see the animation is only 24 fps and without any kind of motion blur.

As an extreme say the video was only 5 fps, you would see the space shift jump from point to point wouldn’t you, it wouldn’t be a smooth movement.

Thank you, the low fps was the cause… it could have occurred to me. I increased it to 29,97 and everything moves just like it should.