animation not working

i set the game so that when i press up, the character looks like he is running. but every time i hit P, all it does is take a really long time to load and then the character will just sit there. and then, when i make the character dynamic, it just falls through the floor. inthisblend, he’s not dynamic and his texturing isnt done. I really have no idea what is going on.:o
(im a noob):frowning:

is not working on my computer … 2.45

maybe you should reduce your polycount and send me the blend again
I’ll take a look

how do i reduce the polycount???

You really shouldn’t make game models in Makehuman. That makes the poly count through the roof.

ok, so im pretty much screwed and have to make a new game?

no, just create another, low poly, character and copy the attributes from char 1 to char 2!

But if thats all that you have, yep!

ok, but is the animation not working because of the makehuman character?

possibly no, but it’s hard to look at it if you can’t open the file because of it’s highpolyness (in my case(or at least what I think it is)). Try and remodel and skin it, and send me back. I’ll do what I can to help.

the problem you have is that your character have a lot of mistake. you tried to modify your character and now there some plygone in weird place so the engine is slowing down for all those polygons in abnomal places. I’m going to repost in couple of days my template character maybe you could use it.

thank you that would be extremely helpful.
right now, i am just going to use spheres as body parts until i work out all of the bugs.
if the animation works, then no more problems (except for having to create a new character.)
btw, if i make a character in makehuman, and delete the rest of the body except for the face, would i still have that problem? cause no matter what tuts or demos i look at, i jus cant seem to get the face right…

hereis the updated .blend, i am not really worried about the parenting right now. as you will notice, i only did the upper body and it doesnt even work right. all i want right now is to figure out how to use animation in-game. its keyboard sensor>and>ipo(play), right?:spin:

Here is where you can find my character with his walk cycle. he uses only one mesh which I need to change, but he uses properties to keep the cycle going.

And then there’s my AI system but pay no mind to that.

hey thanks, i think i understand it a little better now.:slight_smile:

ok, i tried doing the exact same settings on mine with the properties and everything, but it just doesnt work!!! ill try again and post if it doesnt work.
(edit) i hav dcided to just start a new .blend with a new model and everything. maybe if i start from scratch, i can get it going. this will be my first actual project.

Here is what i have so far. i dont have the animation integrated into the game yet, but i do have the animation. i am proud of this one. i might set it as a template for other NOOBS:D


Pretty great walk cycle. You know what your doing now!

Just edited it. Click Here for new and improved one. just hold down The Up button and he’ll run! Hoped this helped.

while you were editing it, i was workin on it too! ill look at urs in a minute HERE is mine. its got a level and stuff. i still got some work to do on it.

Just changed the one u just did. Enjoy

i didnt really see what you changed, but i was planning on making an actual project out of this, but i had no storyline. i still have ho storyline, but i think i might make it so that you pretty much go around the level trying to find your head or something.:stuck_out_tongue:

making a game is not about a storyline but much more than a gameplay. I mean if you want to progress in game blender first focus on gameplay and then you’ll have a lot of things to think about before making a storyline.

for example if you want to make an 3rd person shooter or game there is so much to do before thinking if some terrorist or zombie are attaking the earth. Anyway I’'m looking forward to see your work.

good luck.