Animation Notes and FAQ v1.0


                           I found it quite cumbersome to find all of the little quirks, problems, and tricks in multiple sources whenever I would forget something. Therefore, I compiled all of the things I found important—primarily with character animation. Almost all the information in the Animation Notes and FAQ is consolidated from many sources. Some sources still need to be cited and any help on this would be much appreciated. For that reason I did not intend to make this public but I think there is enough need for this type of information so here it is:

The crappy cut and paste wordpress webpage:

The nicer Open Office odt file:

Just as a special aside, I made these notes to help myself with my animation project. Although I have organized them and posted them online for my and others benefit, I will not be dedicating any large amount of time to them. All of my extra time needs to be allocated to the animation project. However, I do not mind suggestions and am willing to possible use them. For the next year or so my time is very limited.

There may be many typos or confusing areas of organization. I tried to organize the mess of notes as best as possible but I am sure there is an even better way. Feel free to fix any aspect of this.

This document was intended to be made into a wiki book but I have neither the time nor the desire to go through a long process to change this document. Anyone willing to do this is welcome to do so.

Any suggestions or comments feel free to e-mail me at wiki [at]

I hope this can help anyone that needs it.

-Mr. R