Animation of balls along path that disappear at end

I need to animate balls along a path and I need to the to keep them animating in the scene so I need to have the ball at the end of the path disappear

Other than masking - compositing - layering…how can I do that?

thanks ahead of time for any advice

When path rolling will be finished, switch balls via hide/enable render in outliner. Is this what you want?

In the still you can see the balls arcing from the object to the graphics pr the people

Thanks but I think that does not work

What I need to do is have the balls fly out from the center object to the people and then keep moving as if it were a wi-fi connection

So I can do all this with an array but the ball at then just pile up so I need to mask them

So, they are not rolling but more of a constant flow? Is this an array modifier along curve?
If you don’t have fancy motion I think duplifaced spheres with boolean at the end of path will work for you.

sounds promising. how do you do the boolean at the end?

Something like this:
ball_end.blend (88.4 KB)

You should have decent flow speed or very small array polygons to be immediately chewed up by boolean difference. Otherwise there will be small delay on ball movement, where booleans get started.

That is very innovative! I will work with this for awhile


I did this some time ago to help someone else with a similar thing.
Just replace the rectangle with a sphere.