Animation of circles in 2D


I’m new here so I hope I’m posting this in the right forum :slight_smile:

I’m creating a simulation to test bayesian clustering and tracking algorithms but I’m stuck.

I need 4 circles moving with a known speed, that bump into each other and a bounding box around it. I’ve done a whole lot of tutorials on blender and animation but i can’t seem to get the circles to move correctly :confused:

Any help would be appreciated,


“Bayesian Clustering and Tracking” isn’t that do with object tracking? It is mathematically tracking the position of object in 3D space using statistics; the probability of object position in the next frame. I guess computer needs to do that because it doesn’t know what the hell it is looking at! It sees the world in numbers you know.

Motion based on Blender computer simulation is not statistical probability. You program it. “I can’t seem to get the circles to move correctly,” well then adjust the variables.

Yes, it has to do with object tracking. Perhaps I should have explained it better, my bad.
I’m trying to create a video of moving object that i can use to test my algorithms in matlab.

So I’ve created the circles in blender a top of a black plane (background).
Then I made rigid bodies of the targets and gave them an Linear V in the X direction but the targets
fly upwards and then fall down again … Changing the values doesn’t seem to change anything.