Animation of Dupliframed object


I have what I thought would be a simple problem to solve, but I’m having lots of trouble with it. I am new to animation in Blender, so I hope there isn’t something completely obvious that I’m missing…

I have created a dashed line which follows a path using Dupliframes:
What I want to do is have the dashes appear one by one, eventually making the full shape of the heart, this can be done manually by varying the ‘DupEnd’ parameter, but I cannot find any way to turn this into an animation.

Can anyone make any suggestions?


Don’t know if there is a quick and easy way.

You could render stills and put them into the sequence editor. Depending on how many frames it would take a while, but it would definitely work.

personally I would maid all the duplis real (ctrl+a) then moving all to layer 2 (not visible to camera) and then using IPO to switch then to layer 1 one-by-one
after you made the first is just to copy/paste the Layer IPO and give it an offset with the grab (G) tool