Animation of object following 2 different paths


I am trying to figure out how to animate an object.

Basically this object is articulated on 2 opposite points. Each articulation (cylinder) should follow a distinct path.
One cylinder masters the other one, simply following its own path.

Up to now, I am able to animate distinctly the translation of the 2 cylinders, but can’t figure out how to link the translation of the object to master articulation.
Thanks for you help!!! :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, you want the two pivot points to follow their individual points and the distance between them to remain constant so you can attach the object to say a bone that is tied to the two points?

I’ll take a look at this later on the basis that my assumption is correct!

Cheers Clock.

Hello Clock,

your assumption is very good! Thanks for your help!


I have got it almost working, but I have a slight issue with the two control points on the two curves getting slightly out of sync - I will continue with the work…

Cheers, Clock.

Thanx Clock,

I see this is not that easy… Thanks again for your help and involvement.

Up! Hello,

Would anyone be able to help me on this topic?

Hi everyone, earlier this summer I started this topic… I am still trying to figure out how to animate the above object through 2 pivots, each one following its own path. Any clarification, much appreciated,

Thanks in advance