Animation of the cone (speaker membrane) HELP

Hello !

I modeled a speaker and I want to animate it to the music…
I know how to use the sound curve and that’s not a problem. The problem is that to the tip of the membrane I added a hook -the hook has got a sound curve on. I want the hook (empty axes) to move the membrane with proportional editing on.
You know -the center of the speaker moves fast, harder, rapid and the edge moves slowly with less jump than the center.

When I’m in edit mode and I move the center point of loudspeaker with proportional editing on I get the effect that I want, but when edit mode is off and I move empty that is hooked to that point there is no such effect…


Someone knows how to help me or knows a proper technique ?

For some reason I couldn’t upload the blend here, so I uploaded it to Here is the link:

Can you post the blend?

Edit: Did you actually assign the vertices that are supposed to move in the hook modifier? Using a Vertex Group will allow you to weight paint the edges to have less weight. Also try Recenter.

It might be better to use a Shapekey. On your blend file I have removed the empty and added a Shapekey for the speaker cone extended. You can use the sound curve to animate the Shapekey (I could not find a sound file on your blend so I added a noise modifier).
Jamo.blend (1.14 MB)

And that’s all you did ?
So weight paiting and shape key …
OK I will try this on next speakers.
Thanks for now :wink:

If you use a shape key you won’t need to weight paint at all. Also, you can sculpt the shape key so it’s easy to make. You can lock the x and y axis for the grab sculpt tool and just pull out the speaker.

Thanks a lot !
You’re great ! :wink: