Animation on collision

Hi, first of I’m not sure if this is the right section for this question and I’m completely new to it all so sorry about that if its all wrong.

Anyway, I’m also new to blender but am picking it up quite easy. I’m testing and experimenting at the moment but I have one question that I need help with. I have a character walking and running act with the keyboard keys bla bla;). Is there a way that when it runs into a wall, a new animation is triggered? So… run cycle- hit wall- new animation (thought maybe falling back to the floor) I’m not going to animate it until I know it can be done. Any help wil be greatly appreciated :eyebrowlift2:


Sure, you could use a ray to detect the walls or a colission sensor. If it is positive you could change the state and there play the new animation.

Thank you for that reply… Sorry, I’ve not been back in a while…