animation optimisation question

Does anyone know a simple method for checking if an object is inside the active cameras view frustum? I want to combine this with distance for animation culling, as I get more and more actors in game it is clear I need a speedy solution.

ofc any other ideas are welcome.

I will mark this as solved I found an answer finally that fits my needs using pointInsideFrustum(vector). I will mark this as solved.

wouldnt it be better to use “sphere”? that way you dont have animations freezing at the edges of the screen.

EDIT: not sure how much slower it would be.

I thought about using the bounding box method as well, but this is just faster…and barely noticeable…but thanks for the input :)…I could always setup a second camera with a slightly larger frustum to achieve the same result, but in general during play you do not notice it.