Animation or Art Project Teams, Where are They?

Just a Question (This one might be thought of as a off-topic question)

Are there any Team based Projects going on?
Are there in fact, teams at all?

Since I would be happy to join a Team Project (Just to know how it is, working with a team).:yes:


Jim Morren

If you are looking for a project to work on to improve your skills I would sugest going to your local house of worship or charity and volunteering to do something for them. If you have “craigs list” or a similar service, there are always a ton pf people looking for free work.

If you are not looking for a project to gain some skills, then never mind…

There are always internet Blender bums here

(No offense to non e-beggars)

Thanks guys for you reply’s. This is just a question that I thought worth asking about, since I saw Blender-game-dev. Teams and no Animation Teams.