Animation, Parent?

I want to make animation throw the ball. Hand must take the ball and then throw it. How can I attach the ball to the hand in one frame and unhook in another frame?
Perhaps there are lessons, tutorials.

I use the parent constraint.
The location of the object get’s all screwed up when you add it or turn it off.
I fix that like so:

  • set keyframe for loc/rot of object
  • after object is positioned in hand, snap cursor to selection with shift + s
  • add parent modifier
  • snap selection to cursor to put it back in hit hand
  • set keyframe for influence of parent modifier to 1
  • set a keyframe for the loc/rot of object
  • go back to the previous frame and set a key for the influence of the parent modifier to 0

Then when you put the object down or it dislodges from the hand you use the same technique of snapping it to the cursor over the course of 1 frame.

There may be a better way, this is just what I find works for me.