Animation parenting help

I’m making an animation and I have a camera that is tracking an empty. How do I have a few frames were the empty stays still while the objects move and some later frames were the empty is parented to the Object that is moving?

sounds like you may want to have 2 cameras and transfer between them based on a timer or some other action?

The TrackTo Constraint slider controls the Influence of the tracking (how much it’s constrained). Select the Camera and open an IPO window, change from Object context to Constraint and in the constraint tab set the slider to zero and press Key (or Show) at frame 1. Goto frame 10 and press Key again, frame 20 set slider at .5 and press key, at 25 set slider to 1 and press Key. Your Empty still follows the Objects but your Camera now doesn’t track the Empty till frame 11 then catches up to the Empty at frame 25.


thanks, that works.