Animation "Piano player or Player piano" Update3

I’ve started this animatiom out of a passing fancy.
…without the plan and the concept.
So named “Piano player or Player piano”.
C & C are welcome as flowers of May.

Animation is here.

MPEG1 2.5MB 16SEC.

nice sync. I must say I am a piano player so my crit will be harsh :stuck_out_tongue:
the hands are clearly too much apart…eee I mean they should play near each other, try to make left hand playing higher notes, as it is on the soundtrack

Piano player hardly ever makes such fast moves when “getting out” of the phrase… I mean: when he plays the arpeggio, in your animation he backs away his hands very fast and very far away the keyboard. let him enjoy the sound, leave the 5th finger in right hand on the last note of the arpeggio, and leave the rest in the “resting” position or sth.

The pedal is never pressed (or it’s unlikely to be) every time someone plays a note or chord. It is pressed usually with some offset, but just before the player lifts his fingers, and stays there for some time (propably until the next chord is played but not a glimpse of a while longer)

But apart from that: the animation is very neat, and well rendered etc.


edit. I can mention the “no effort” technique which stands for: minimalise the arm movements except the wrist, sit in a way that the arc between the arm and forearm is >90 (and strictly for animation: try to smooth out movement)

edit. And if you strive for a classical piano player look, they usually sit only on a half of the chair

|    XXx
|   X   -
|   XXX
'''''''  X 
|    |   XX

, while non-classical players tend to sit in a more relaxed feel.

Yoneil! Please on the q.t. hehe…
I had thoroughly forgotten that there is a piano player in this forum.
To tell the truth, I can not play piano at all.
But thank you for your serious suggestions.

I wanted to do something like this long ago, with a Pachelbel’s Canon piece I found on the internet about six years ago.

Very nice job. Aside from the things Yeonil pointed out already, this looks really good. You’ve synchronized the movements with the music quite well.

What music is he playing?

Thank you, Pickle.
He is playing Autumn Nights.

Composed by:Pete Calandra, Scott P. Schreer
Published by: Freeplaymusic, BMI, Freeplaymusic, BMI

I’ve updated, being inspired by a song of TOM WAITS.

The song’s name is MARTHA.

Perhaps young guys here don’t know about that.
So here is the quatation of the word.

And those were days of roses
Poetry and prose
And Martha all I had was you
And all you had was me
There was no tomorrow
We packed away our sorrows
And we saved 'em for a rainy day

I feel so much older now, and you’re much older too
Lucky that you found someone
To make you feel secure

'Cause we were all so young and foolish
Now we are mature

Here is the updated animation.

ok i see improvements.
I thing still his moves are to robocop-like. try to smooth-out at least the head and back movements… and if you got that, maybe try to show the chord changes not by moving the entire arm (it’s not correct) but only by hand movements and fingers. It’s hard to make, I know, but still, it needs this to pass my test :smiley:
Second thing, remove some moves of the left hand:

this is a rough chart for left and right hand moves, according to the melody:

right: x..x....x..x...yy.y.xyy.x..x...yy.y.x
left:: x..x....x..x....x....x..x..x....x...x

also, approx. when right play the y’s make left hand stay on the keyboard, but the right hand slightly jump on each note. (he is playing a one note melody then, no need to move all arm and stuff, just a hand movement, which drives the rest)

i hope you will understand anything from my obscure comments ;D


beautifull animation but I too have some critics: the piano-tings (dont know the word) seem to move down before the hands does.

Perhaps make the hands move to his lap when the song ends.

Bit short on time now, gonna whatch the second ani tonight

hey caplicon, for some reason the links are coming up broken… I would really like to see your animation… please fix!


(edit) never mind, I got it to work… sorry for that!

nice animation!

Thanx for some comments, guys.

All of your comments and suggestions are useful and apreciated.
I was at a loss. 'Cause I could’t imagine the codes and its finger positions at all,
while hearing the music. Thank you very much.
…I wonder if I will be able to pass your hard test.
And…May I someday request you to compose some tune for another project?
Of course with the codes and its finger positions.

Very true. I’m a piano player as well. I still see the “no effort” thing. It looks like he’s just playing the keys, not playing the piano. I never see him lift and really bend his rist. Stuff like that.


I play piano as well, and I have to agree. I think the head and body movements are better in this second one, but his wrist, finger, hand movements do not convince me that he is actually playing that song. Mebbe you should find somebody that plays piano and watch them play for awhile, study the way their hands move.


Woops, one more examiner! And more!
I did’nt expect so many piano player in this forum.
Now I’ve got a rough chart for hand moves, some advices of the expert.
Thanx. I’m now ready and willing. Please wait for a while.

I too play “piano”, actually keyboard. I also work with BLENDER, so I cannot be a harsh critic on you.

To create an animation such as yours is quite brave. Many props to you! I mean, a lot of people have ideas for animations, but never follow through with them, however, it seems like you did. Very good!

What you have is excellent! Remember the Dire Straits 3D video? High-tech in that time era. That video is so lame now. It cannot even compare to even the simplest “still image” found in the forums here.

You should watch this guy’s videos:

Have fun!


Spin, thank you for your encouragement.
spiderworm, thank you for your kindness.
Sorry, still rigging only to test the fingers wrists and hands movements.
Repeating the same key strokes. …I am busy for a while.

an animation for the test of rigging is here.

Hi all and…some piano players in this forum.
I’ve apdated. I still want to get some advices of the expert.

Here is the updated animation.