Animation: "Pizza Pie"

yet another bad attempt at comedy. this time the animation takes place in a small pizza shop. the owner is pushy and the customer is broke, check it out.

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avi, 3.5meg, 50sec
“Pizza Pie”

I usually do a very bad italian impression and i thought it might be funny to take all the things and put them into an animation. i origianlly had another animation i wanted to put out “Old Folks”. but it really didnt come out as good as i wanted. it felt rushed and really wasnt fun to watch for me. but this animation “Pizza Pie” i made in about one day and really think its funny. so i will try and rework the “Old Folks” animation and have another one out in about 10 days. so hopefully no one is tired of my bad humor yet, haha.
i have also put up another group of characters on my teporary website for these animations and characters.

Simple Characters Web Site

on another note the simple cartoon thing has really taken on a life of its own. the free webspace i have has been almost reaching its max bandwidth so i will be getting my own domain for the animations soon. so hopefully people will still stop by and check it out.

thanks for looking!

You have quite a singing voice hehe, that must be the cheesiet italian accent ever lol, good stuff :slight_smile:

=KH=Lupus- yes going for as much cheese as i can get haha, by the way what are you doing watching this stuff you are much to talented to be looking at this kind of thing, haha

This is really great. I like the style of your characters, the animation, everything. Keep it up, simple but effective. Also like the style of all the simple characters.

Actually I think you should do a video tutorial on how you do the animated textures for the talking (if that is what you do hehe).

PS. The spaceship one is still my favourite :slight_smile:

hihi what a good style… I like…

Can’t watch it YET, have to wait to go home. But it looks soo funny, Southpark style, I really like this stuff. Make a 15 minute movie, like it’s a real southpark movie. :smiley: I like it soo much, keep going on this.

:smiley: thanks guys! :smiley:

paradox- hey thanks a lot, i got lots more ideas for characters and animations so i will be keeping it up for a long time to come, thanks

=KH=Lupus- i thought i told you to shoo, SHOO! i have thought of doing a tutorial of the entire process, from the idea, writing, texturing, and then video/audio editing. it would be a big undertaking but i will try in january to do somthing like this, when i get more time free, right now i’m caught up with ideas and learning to animate better, also got another spacecraft in the works (the alien guy above is for this), but it might be awhile before i can get to that one, thanks man!

CyaNn- thanks a lot, i really enjoy creating these so i’m very greatful people enjoy looking at them, thanks

JD-multi- hey thanks a lot, i hope you wont be disapointed when finally get to see it, haha, when the right idea comes along for a good 15min animation i will be right on top of it, thanks for the nice comments, i will be sure to keep going.

:smiley: Thanks :smiley:
i have lots more ideas and characters, so thanks for the encouragement!

that was quite possibly the funniest thing you’ve made yet
the accent is so…so…baaad.
I love it!

Very funny animation. Great directing skills you show there. Love your animation. Keep them coming. :slight_smile: And do that tutorial thingy! :slight_smile: I would love to see how you work with blender. :slight_smile:

:smiley: thanks :smiley:

Timmah_45- thanks a lot, one of my favorites so far too, but as i watch it i guess it didnt have much of a plot, haha, i guess i was just depending on the bad accent, and dialog to carry the animation, i will work on that, thanks for the post

Jerri- hey thanks, i do spend a little time planning how each cammera angle should be, thanks for noticing, and i still use the advice of basse about using close ups, but i hope to be able to get more complex with cammera shots, and overall animation movement from the chacters, and i will try a tutorial in january, i’ve got a lot going on these next two months, i think everyone will be very horrified to see how little i know about blender and animating, haha, thanks man!

thanks for looking :smiley:
i’m still working on getting my next animation finished, and buying my own domain and getting off the free webspace. thanks for encouraging these animations and characters it is a great hobby!

Wu they are awsome.

i would suggest you get them on some access TV type thing, perhaps get them spread throughout the day inbetween programs.

simple and stupid is how southpark started out. and then it turned into somthing pretty big.

i could see this stuff getting a tiny bit more polished (tiny bit) and hit it big.

i went and downloaded all the rest of them again LOL


Alltaken- thanks man! one of the nicest compliments i have received so far. i can also see them a little more polished, i currently use a 4.5 inch by 4.5 inch paper to paint the characters, i plan to move to a larger paper (5.5 inch square), wich will give more detail and better quality texturing.
as for the hitting it big that would be fu##ing great! i love this type of animation, and i have written already enough dialog and ideas for the next year, no joke, so i’m in it for the long hall to try and make somthing come of my bad comedy characters.
here is my evil plan so far. first, it has been made clear to me by a few people that i have to get off the free internet space i have through earthlink to be considered a serious website. so in the next week or so i hope to buy a good domain (I’m thinking of after this i noticed that offers heavily discounted banner advertising for artists. so for about $15 i plan to advertise my site, they promise somthing like 150,000 visites, wich will be more then enough to kill my bandwidth 1,000 times (but thats another story).
and from that advertising if i’m very lucky i hope to get a few thousand repeat visitors, enough to be elgiable to have advertisers come to my website. and again if i’m lucky make a small amount of money to explore other areas, such as taking the time to contact cable access shows like you say, maybe put together a dvd and send it out as a piolt to places and networks or whatever.
its all a big dream, and if all that comes of it is just being able to show my work here on elysiun then thats cool with me. but the thing is i love making these things and thinking of ideas so it doesnt seem like a long road or hard work, i love this shit fools!!
anyway like i say i plan to make this stuff for fun for as long as i can, like i always say people will get tired of watching before i get tired of creating these animations, haha
and as a final note if anything is to come of this it will be first and foremost because of blender, and the great community of elysiun

thanks man!! :smiley:

Awesome Wu! I can’t wait for the next one.



I’m hoping for some kind of Godzilla episode. You just know that Godzilla was meant to be done in this style :smiley:


block01cube - thanks man, always great to see your posts!

=KH=Lupus- strange indeed, this is somthing that i wrote about a month ago, right under the godzilla thing it says *mob- wise guys, big guys, small guys…somthing wrong with this kid

*for those of you who can not read my writing for the godzilla idea here is the translation- “*godzilla like show- small city with large river, out comes a monster, destroys bridge, picks up little cars” sounds like a winner, haha, i’m such a DORK!!

Thanks for looking
working on another really bad stand up comic, with all really bad original material written by me, this will be the one were everyone stops watching, haha, so sad.