animation: planets orbiting the Sun.

With Blender 2.48:

1 - A sphere at the center: the Sun.

2 - Two or more circular paths (the orbits), each path having a sphere parented as ‘follow path’ (the planets),

3 - How give the planets DIFFERENT SPEEDS as in the reality, i.e., close to the Sun = faster orbiting (revolution) speed (imagine Mercury), farther the Sun = slower orbiting speed (imagine the Earth) ??? A challenge? A dream?

4 - My problem lies with the settings of ‘pathlen’ and the length of the animation (render settings).

5 - Thanks for your future answers !

whats your especific problem ?

The problem WAS how to give the different planets (up to 8 in the actual reviewed solar system) different orbiting speeds.
I had to overcome the rate given by ‘pathlen’ and this can be achievd by the use of IPO speed curves, one need to select the path, choose ‘path’ in the IPO window and create a new speed curve (Ctrl+Left click to create the points). That’s it!
Thks. for asking.

why dont you just parent the planets to seperate empties and IPO those?
seems much easier to me than working with paths…


Make the planet’s centerpoint the same as the Sun’s, then you can just animate a rotate on the planets. Would work for moons off planets the same way.

Good idea,I’ll try.

Very simple and elegant solution! Thks a lot.
My ‘problem’ is certainly solved.