Animation Playback issue

I render the animation and then i hit play renderered animation and it tells me

Couldn’t run external animation player with command.
Error5 access is denied

If anyone could help id be grateful :slight_smile:

Have you set what you want to use to playback the animation in the User Preferences / File panel ?

I put DVJ thats when i got the error 5 acess denied msg.
Im just doing a simple logo animation i wasnt sure which one to use really.

Isn’t it better to open it manually inside other program? Try running blender with administrator rights, might help you…

I figured out that the issue was i just didnt know what iw as doing lol. so i watched a tutorial on rendering your animations. Im all set now thanks


  1. Download Blender 2.49a
  2. Download Blender 2.65 (x86 or x64)
  3. Download Python 2.6 32 bits
  4. Download Python 2.6 64 bits (If you have OS x64)
  5. Install Python 2.6 32 bits
  6. Install Python 2.6 64 bits (if you have OS x64)
  7. Install Blender 2.49a
  8. Install Blender 2.65 (x86 or x64)
  • Don’t download any other version of python (I tryied)
    ** You will solve your trouble.