ANimation Playback

Hi people. I have tried making a few very simple animations and have run into a problem - 50% + of the time when I render my animations as AVI Jpeg I can view them by selecting the option “playback rendered animation”, but I cant actually run the file outside of blender - the movie is colourless - just black screen. I am pretty sure that I always saved my animations like that, but some of them later work outside of blender and some don’t…

Any ideas why does this happen?

I’m pretty sure its a Codec issue. Have you tried running the video file in a player such as VLC (which has pretty much most of the codec’s)

you might also want to try putting it into VirtualDub and change the code from there

both VLC and VirtualDub are OpenSource.

Apparently VirtualDub does not like AVI jpeg files. Any who…VLC is a wonderful player

Thanks for that - VLC worked fine, but VirtualDUb couldnt handle it. Do you know if there is another way to render the animation, so it can be playable in media player or a program that can convert this avi to a normal video file?

Instead of rendering to AVI-Jpeg, choose AVI-Codec and then select the codec you want to use. I think Microsoft’s Codec will appear on the list, it your main goal is media player. Other options are listed in the Wiki:

Thanks! That solved the ‘problem’ - now I can share my videos, when I get some skills in making them look good. :wink: