Animation plugins make life easier :)

Hi all.
I don’t know if this has been done before, if so, can someone point me in the right direction.

Otherwise, I thought it would be a great idea to start a thread purely for adding links to animation plugins, that help the animator in their animation workflow. Things like onion skinning, Auto breakdown and inbetweens etc

If its successful maybe, this thread can be made sticky to help beginner animators.

I’ll start.
I came across this plugin in another thread.

Here is a plugin for animating with offsets.!&p=2209738&viewfull=1#post2209738

For simplifying F-Curves

Interesting. I always wanted something like 3DS MAX’s CAT in Blender. Is it doable? Anyone interested?

Is the rigify rig not any good for that purpose?

It’s not about rigging per se. Plus rigify only works for bipeds, not 4-/6-/N- legged creatures. CAT is more about procedural animation cycles designer and animation layers (NLA Editor is not the same as what CAT offers).

Good point. Hopefully someone will jump on the task at hand :slight_smile:

Nice thread! And good plugins posted already, will take a look of those. CAT is really good animation system, though it is really buggy in 3ds max. Last time I used it, muscles were impossible to make work and there was plenty of little “bugs” flying around.

What I have missed is a option to adjust timing on every keyframe on certain frame. To be able to set slow-in or slow-out for whole rig at one click. And then adjust individual body parts.

Not sure if there is plugin for it or is it possible within blender…

Can’t contribute anything, but bumping thread! Great idea, would be nice to see some workflows as well. Subscribed!