Animation practice:balls.

Hi everyone. As beginning animators seem to usually start with bouncing balls I will do some also. So here is some practice with balls I did yesterday and this morning. Nothing fancy, just plain practice. As always I like comments and critiques.

The rig is the “Simple ball rig” from TobiasDn. You can get it here: Simple ball rig.

Is it really that bad? (Or good :))

Well i think it’s cool,

How long are you making animation for??

for the 1 try
for example I think the heavy ball can have life,
for example when the third ball come and touch it, you can make a little interaction thing
use stretch and squash can give some life as well

I like your second try

they all are ok for me
a little bit a stretch and squash can make them even better I think :wink:

Is the link for the rig correct ? I get “not found”

So nice! So it appears now everybody wants to make a bouncing ball!!! Hahaha…

Great stuff… I’ll try something like that.

The link is correct ( but when you click it, I don’t know why that strange renaming happens… (OK, this works! Just tested).


Hi, and thank you. I have been practicing animation for about 2 weeks or so. I did this entire video in one morning. For your suggestion about the first try. I can definitely see what you mean, the large ball is rather lifeless. About the squash and stretch. I was trying to add it but I found that the rig I was using does not handle arbitrary squash and stretch. By which I mean that you can not squash and stretch from and to any point on the ball. And since I had rolling balls this obviously limits when I could use the squash and stretch. In the end I just used squash and stretch on the medium ball in the first example.

Mmmm… the link to the rig is correct but for some reason a bunch of spaces get added to it when you click on it. I checked my link and it is right. I don’t know what is happening.

Thanks! Yep, looks like it. I saw your thread with the ball animations (which are quite nice) and wanted to do some of my own.

thanks for info

Wow this looks very good! Currently better than I can do but I hope to be able to make something like that soon. Keep up with the work!

Taking a look at the ball.blend file

Thanks guys.

Very cartoony… and that can be a good thing but not here i think. What i mean by cartoony is that the balls, especially in the first appear to have mid-air control. like in a video game. I like it, but in a practice animation of bouncing balls, aren’t they supposed to look like gravity is controlling them as opposed to the ball have a control of its own?

I guess more specifically to point out something would be in essence the small ball bouncing off the medium to the big ball. It appears to “jump” off the big ball.