Animation Prep Studio - Free VR mocap for Blender!

Added Live Blender Viewport Mocap Sync (MocapSync.blend) and new “Export” menu panel.

No access to the drive so no access to the documentation. Question: Is this fully usable without Unity just in Blender? Unity is a no-go for me.

Hello Odjin, This tool can be used without needing Unity installed. It offers a few default avatars and can function as a general purpose mocap tool for VR (and optional full body tracking) to create mocap data that can be exported as standard .bvh animation data. Which can be re-targed in external 3d editors.

Luxor allows adding custom avatars from humanoid models that can then be used directly in the mocap scene. This allows using the same avatar skeleton for mocap as will be used in the blender scene so that the fit remains exact and avoids re-targeting offsets. This is the only reason that would require needing the Unity editor, just to build the .fbx models as unityassets (custom avatars) using the APS SDK which is included with Luxor - and is very similar to creating avatars for VRChat.

The Luxor project is still beta, and is currently being tested by the community. I am hopeful to someday make Luxor available on Steam or other distribution platforms as it matures. And I apologize that there’s not much documentation available.

And thanks for your interest in APS Luxor.

So it doesn’t work without Unity. So what is the Blender Eevee thing above?

And please no Steam-only release. Steam and Linux doesn’t work well together, no matter what others might say.

Just updated the mocap engine today to support avatars which do not include hands. This was render in EEVEE and was created to test the latest IK solvers in APS LUXOR 3.2.8.
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