Animation Preview


I’m just putting together a short 15 second piece of fairly complex animation which relies on good timing of all the various compnents. I have used Alt-A for animation preview and it’s useful but full playback speed would vastly improve my work speed and quality.

Any clues on how to do this? There used to be a sync (Blender 2.2x) button that aparently locked the play back time to actual speed.



it didn’t disapear

go to the scene buttons (looks like the display button)

then go to the sub-tab anim/playback

the button is there

How I can feel how people miss the times without SUB-TABZ in blender :wink:

I also miss the old GUI sniff :frowning: the new GUI however is better for blender, and far more comprehensive to noobs. I guess it is a trade off. Too bad we don’t have a multiple skinning option. :o

No multiple skinning option…? What do you mean by that?

The tradeoff has not been necessary at all, though.

There was no need to do that stupid seperation of the button row into several strange exclusive groups, which makes it a pain in the ass to switch between button panels.

There was no need to hide formerly well accessible options behind pulldowns (i.e., pivot mode, IPO extend mode, etc.)

There was no need to waste tons of space in panels which are far wider than their content (i.e., material buttons).


The new menus is OK, but the other ‘rearrangement’ has been death for the interface, and the only reason why i stopped coding for BF and coded exclusively for instinctive.

And I thought you were just being snob :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed I’m not, theeth… I have just been thinking again about porting all the features to BF and work with it. But the raping of the interface is just too horrific for my taste :confused:

Don’t know if I’d call it a raping, but it has slowed me down, especially in the material buttons.

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. The slowdowns just have not been necessary. If someone could convince ton to implement two “modes” for the interface, one for novice and one for advanced users (the latter containing the old button arrangements), i would instantly port all features to bf.

With all the new buttons needed, you can’t use the old layout, it’s just impossible.
I do agree that the material window could use some optimising though.


The problem with the new interface is that 2.30 was supposed to be a WIP… but nothing has been changed since then. There’s still a bunch of stuff that needs to be done before the new interface will be good, but it seems like everybody has forgotten that that was the plan.

Broken is/was on vacation and Ton was working on the book. Those two were the main force working on the GUI, so the lack of amelioration from some time can be explained.


There have been too many changes instead of too few, what a few of you seem to be suggesting…

No need to get rid of the icons in the IPO window header, they were accessible a lot easier than the new drop-down menus… same for the 3d window header and the Cursor/Center/Blah switching…

There are numerous other examples…

Just roll the changes back a bit, and everything will be fine :slight_smile:

Indeed. I practically grit my teeth every time I have to switch scale/rotation centering method.

I know the feeling. Happens to me too… or I generally turn insane when I just have to switch between button windows. There is absolutely no reason to do that strange buttonswindow-switching-buttons-grouping… (you know what i mean :slight_smile:

[quote=“intrr”]No need to get rid of the icons in the IPO window header, they were accessible a lot easier than the new drop-down menus…
On that I agree.

same for the 3d window header and the Cursor/Center/Blah switching…

here I have to disagree though. I never use the buttons to change the centering modes. I find it much easier to use ‘.’ and ‘,’ with or without Ctrl.

The difference between the extrapolation modes for IPO curves and centering modes is that former are only accesible through the menus and not the later.


Yup, material buttons are rather uncomfortable now. Not to mention when you’re dealing with several texture channels…

However it does have some good things too. Like having a vertical group of panels… sometimes it really helps.

If the user could personalize a special “translucent floating panel” with the most common menu actions in the shape of buttons (I hate to say this but “ala Word”) it could help.



For the new GUI to come to its own a rearrangement of the buttons inside the button windows is needed. The buttons are nearly a messy as they were before (especially in the Render buttons and Edit buttons - it doesn’t look like a tool, more like noisy art.) Don’t get me wrong I know the interface, but that doesn’t mean things have to be madly cramped and confusing. I’m looking forward to the day Broken comes back so he can finish the new GUI.

The only thing I might agree with intrr on is the sub-tabs in the button window header. That probably wasn’t quite necesary. The new menu system is wonderful.

Two main things remain:

Improved clearer and more logical button placement
Toolbox for all the window types

Other things can be improved though.

One thing is for sure: it is better than it used to be. The GUI is WIP though, hope more GUI stuff will be done soon

people seem to have forgotten that there are hotkeys for all menus…