Animation prob for my walk

I’m having some issues creating a walk cycle for my character. The pose paste flip is killing me slowly. I’ll attach the blend and a screen shot.

When I attempt to paste the flipped pose blender does at it pleases. Some bones kind of look close others just aren’t close. Actually nothing comes out close
This shows that as far as I know the naming convention is correct

Without looking at the .blend, I can tell this is probably a bone rolling problem. Enter Edit Mode, select all bones, and hit Ctrl+N. The end result may look ugly, but it’ll probably work better.

Nope didn’t work. I bet it took care of problems to come though. When i flip essentially what is in the picture above and apply it, the character puts both his arms at shoulder height. I didn’t model him in the T position and the legs doing strange things

it look like i also need a cnt A in object mode on the armature and now i think i have to reweight paint the whole ddadmadklm;fal thing.

I’ve found something that will help keep that from happening, although it’s too late for your model, is to set the bone to hinge on the thigh and upper arm. Easier to animate also.