animation problem


Just found a strange behaviour in Blender animation. An animation seems to be is not a series of still frames but something from two frames mixed together or what. Have a look:

Nicely aligned hands with the barbell, Still frame 240: (16k)

And here an ugly offset during animation in frames 230-240 of the same file: (78k)

Maybe it has to do with my setup? I use an empty as a link for the armature of the hand to the armature of the barbell.

Any Ideas?

Thanks for your comments,


I don’t see anything wrong in the above image (nice character, BTW :smiley: ).
Anyway, haven’t you selected the “Fields” button in the rendering window? If you have it selected, unselect it. My two cents.


Yes, in the image is nothing wrong, but if I render the anim the barbell lags the hand about one frame. Difficult to explain, you have to look at the movie. And FIELD is not selected. BTW I use 2.25 on a PIII450 with W2Kpro.