Animation Problem...

Hi All
I’m sorry if this has been posted before.

I made an animation with armatures and I can’t get it to run in the game engine. it is set up in ipo on play, however when i press the key nothing happens.
Is it possible to have a rigged character in the game engine? :confused:
If so…How do I get the animation to run?

Armatures use the Action actuator, not the IPO… give that a shot :slight_smile:

Thanks p00f I’ll try it out!

EDIT: The actuator drop down doesn’t appear to have an action option
Is it somewhere else?

Thank you in advance

a little tut, old but maybe useful?

OTO’s tut is very useful. To answer your question about the “action” actuator more directly, though, only aramture objects themselves have the action actuator. All other objects do not have it (which is why you could not find it in the list).

Thanks for your help Everyone!