Animation problem

Hi there,

I’m having some problems when animating the low poly human from The problem is, when I put “insert keys (i button)” on the frames to animate my bones and so my human aswell, it doesnt save… There just pops up a “Action” in the “Outliner” menu. And with every movement I make, there pops up another one (subdivided in main “action” -> ActIpo, ActIpo1,…).
So what i’m wondering, should i LocRot, my bones which are in position while in pose mode, my bones which are in position in object mode or my human which is in position in object mode? I’m also adding the blend file so that maybe u guys could add a simple animation, of the human hitting with the sword parented to his hand, so that I can have an example how to do it…
I know you guys will refer me to the tutorials in the sticky thread but these are kiny outdated and I don’t understand the hang off them…

Thanks in forward!


DuelGame.blend (472 KB)

I did a quick animation to show you this blend file does work.

In pose mode:
Start on Frame 1, press I and hit LocRot
Jump the desired frames (I used 20) and adjust your model pose (such as rotating and moving armatures)
Hit I and select LocRot

Repeat and refine in the IPO editor


DuelGame.blend (475 KB)

Damn… I feel like a fail now lol,
thanks a lot for this example, clears a lot for me & now I can finally do some descent game making in the BGE :D.
-Creditz :D-

One more question, if I want to use the animation in-game, should i use the ipo logic brick on my human or on my armature?

Now this I dont know, however I do think that if you try both you’ll find out which you should be doing :smiley:

Basic animimation stuff finally “clicked” for me like a day ago, so seeing your mistake was pretty easy cus it was the same I was making :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck in your adventures :ba: