Animation problem

Hey Blender Artists,
I have a question. I am trying to make a realistic animation of an elevator moving up and down, by using ipos. The problem though is that the animations are not moving fluently as a regular elevator. It apparently looks like as if it is jerking, as if something is jammed in the control surface. What would I need to do in order to solve this problem?


SPACEJET.blend (150 KB)

But the tail fin does jerk at frames 20 / 21, very apparent in the IPO curve editor. Use the NLA editor to delete the keys you have at these two frames.

I have tried deleting at those two frames and then only deleting on the frames and unfortunately, I still have the jerking problem.

All I am seeing is a small amount of tail movement. The animation itself goes on for quite some time doing nothing after, so I’m wondering if you mean something in that time I’m not seeing. To smooth out the movement, you can adjust the curves in the IPO curve editor. Hit [TAB] to edit the curves and make the curve more circular as needed.