Animation problems

Greetings guys. I don’t know if there’s the exact place to post questions and if not I hope you won’t kill me.

I’m pretty new about animations and I need to make one with fluids.
I have already finished the tutorial about fluid simulation and I’ve learn the basic rules about fluids (domain, fluid and object) but there is something I can’t understand:

  1. the domain could be everywhere or exactly at the center of the scene or another object?
  2. I tried to use a squared glass and I’ve seen that fluid fits exactly the glass faces; if I use subsurf (level 2, render 4) to get a “cup”, fluid doesn’t fit the walls and leave a peace of air between liquid and faces. Why?
  3. Some fluid stay on the top edge of the glass and this is unreal because water should exit from the glass and fall on the table. How can I make it more real?

These are some questions about the understanding of the fluid simulation.
I’m trying to learn this because I need to make an effect like THIS about at 00:39. A solid object that comes out from a fluid.
Anyway I’ve tried to do this by my own but the wall where he must come out melts (like water) on the table (or any kind of surface).

Any idea to make a pond effect on a more solid than liquid surface?

Thanks for reading.

Andrew from Italy.