Animation problems


ive been having problems with automatic weights and i did find a thread that seemed like it was having the same problem as me but the solution to their problem didnt fix mine. They had an open face and they closed it and recalculated the normals and the automatic weights worked fine, i did that and the problem still persisted. i have the blend file right here if anyone would care to try to help me

I had a look and I can’t find a quick fix for your automatic weights sorry. Even when automatic weights does work you are going to want to go in and tweak the vertex groups yourself to get it just right so I, not being an expert or anything, would just go in and do it manually. I did find this tho which was throwing of your normals. This is inside the arm looking toward the hand. Having these connecting faces inside the wrist (or any other like part in a model will throw off the normals. I only know this from experience idk the reason I just assume it tries to calculate the topology flow to find out where to put the normals but it cant because you’ve got the flow going two directions. Someone smart should correct me but still you dont want it. Good luck[ATTACH=CONFIG]221336[/ATTACH]

thanks for the help, i might just manually assign weights