Animation Process

Hello everyone,
I thought I’d share a little process video I did of the animation I shared a couple weeks ago. From reference and blocking, to polish and render. Hope you enjoy it and hope you learn something from it.
Let me know you thoughts on these types of videos.




Thanks! Some useful info in a nice compact form. (Good animation too!)

Thank you! I’m glad you found it somewhat helpful :slight_smile:

Well, I definitely like the sound track, but so far it looks like a demonstration of animation instead of anything discussing the process, “as advertised.” I think that it’s a really good first thirty-odd seconds of a how-to documentary that I’d really like to watch. (Some of the scenes probably being ones that would be “cut” a little later in the final picture.)

You’ve got a really good thing started here! :+1:

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely didn’t try to disccuss everything done in the animation or I would spend hours and hours. I wanted to show what goes behind the scenes of an animator because some people might not even know that us animators use reference videos. Or the fact that a good planning and blocking pass is very important to create a great final piece.