animation project - TA

i plan to recreate the intro movie for the original Total Annihilation game, you can view the original intro movie here:

first of all, what are the legalities of this? i plan on using the audio track from the original, who would i contact to get permission to use it? as far as i know Cavedog Entertainment went bust, so i dont know who would own the intro and who to contact ect… any help would be appreciated. if i have to i will just set it to music (lets see how far i even get with this though).

I will deviate from some things in the original animation in order to make it more realistic.

what i have so far is this:

the planet in the opening scene, more to come.
if anyone can direct me to a source of hi-res planet textures i would be much grateful.

i worked on the planet a little more, found better textures.
(gimped for a little glow)
i am trying to find a hi res cloud map to use on the planet.

im not happy with the stars, i will have to create my own starscape to use as a background probably.

what i am thinking is that i will create a pre-rendered background (what i am working on now) comprising of the planet and moons and some asteroids/debris ect. then i will render the foreground asteroids, the spinning ones ect, and composite them together somehow with them both animated to move the scene upwards as in the original.

crits appreciated,

a little update:
crits welcome.

an asteroid modeled in Sharp Construct, textures applied in Blender:

i applied the rendering of the planet to a plane along with an alpha map so we can see stars behind it (when i finish them).and i placed the asteroid in front of the planets, it probably wont be where it will end up in the animation though.

crits please (prettttty please!).

I assume you’re not using the Blender game engine to do this, Right? I don’t think it’s capable of handling alot of units at once.

also, your TA remake would have to compare with TA spring if you want people to play it.

I really like your planet/asteroid renders. Love the textures. I think it’s a little too dark on the left side. Maybe just a bit lighter. Also, add some stars to the background.

also, I think Atari owns the rights to total annihilation.

I assume you’re not using the Blender game engine to do this, Right? I don’t think it’s capable of handling alot of units at once.

noooo, i dont have any intentions of remaking the game, i plan to remake the intro movie :).

also, I think Atari owns the rights to total annihilation.

i looked at my Total Annihilation box, it says that Cavedog Entertainment was a division of Humongous Entertainment, which was baught by Atari, which seems to have ended up as Infogrames. Coincidentally GT Interactive, the company the distributed the game has also ended up in the hands of Infogrames.

somebody suggested that i create my own plot, which i might do, but i really like the idea of remaking the original intro movie as a sort of tribute to TA, but i dont want to end up with a court date.

Awesome! I loved the original game, and that intro movie was prety cool. It’d be great to do it with better models and animations, making it look more modern, etc.

What you have so far looks pretty good. As for compositing, you can just render the asteroids spinning with an alpha channel, and use an alpha over node. (So says me, node n00b :P)

i rendered this last night:

it needs more roids’ and some stars and some background stuff, ill add some and render it again.

i created a cool starfield in gimp and added a couple more asteroids.

here some larger renderings of some frames of the animation:

i will have to figure out how to render the fast moving asteroid near the beginning with motion blur seperately and composite it to the original. if anyone can provide help with how to do this that would be awesome.

and if anyone can suggest some place that wont compress my animation to so much of a muddy pulp (youtube) i would be grateful.

and as always, cnc please :slight_smile: