Animation Project: The Legend of Zelda

As stated in the Banner, this project is solely based on animation and not on particle effects, or the node editor, materials, ect.
It is just about animaiton. I will be updating this page constantly with new information or demo animations.

So i just wanted to let you guys know. :yes:

If any of you are animation experts i would love to hear what you could tell me to tackle such a huge project.

Here is a video of how i am at making a walkcycle.

hey can you animate this model with a walk cycle i would appreciate it Attachment Key FiletypeMax FilesizeMax WidthMax Height blend976.6 KB– jpe244.1 KB10241024 jpeg244.1 KB10241024 jpg244.1 KB10241024 png244.1 KB10241024:([email protected] ill email file