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Hey Blender people, It has been awhile but I see Blender is still going strong. :slight_smile: I’m Alleycat and I am owner of AlleyCat Art and I am a full time Artist that has been doing just about a little of everything; Graphic Art, Comic Illustrations, Wood Carving, t=shirt designs. You name it I’ll do it. Anyways My purpose is that I am currently Illustrating a Comic called 101 Ways to Slay a Dragon for an Author that has 6 books published, spy/espionage genre and is getting his feet wet in other areas and is in the process of writing a screen play that we have to decided make into an animated feature. I am in need of Talented, Commited: Modelers,Texturers, Animators. This will be a paid position, as of yet budget for film is not yet determined and will be once I get final draft in my hands. It is based on a subject that deals with Nickola Tesla, if you know who he is, if not google him. Please check out my website and if you are interested and believe your self to produce quality work shoot me some samples of your work, please only commited apply. Thanks and keep up the good work here in the Blender World.

I’m interested but I can’t seem to find your website. Could you link it?


Im interested. I’ll send you a PM.

Hi, pm sent.

I haven’t really done enough big projects recently (4-5 months) and I think I’ve improved a lot since then, would it still be possible to get on this even though I don’t have quality projects online (I can send some works in progress).

Please reply to let me know you received this.

My name is Brian (Digital FX Artist), I am a freelance graphic artist. I have links below that show examples of my work.

I am very interested in this project. I have been wanting to get into film for quite a while. You can call or email me at any time. I am free and ready to start when ever you are.

I hope we can do business together. If you have any questions please contact me at the info below.

[email protected]

Hi, I’m interested and sent a pm.

Hello Alleycats,
I am a CG/VFX generalist using blender, 3ds max, mud box, and after effects. I would love to hear more about your project. I would be excited to work on anything involving Tesla, everyone’s favorite modern wizard. I’ve included some some samples of my work. Feel free to email me if you would care to know more.
Michael Eng
[email protected]