animation question

I made a scene, but I can’t get the perfect camera angle so I’m making an animation, but I don’t really understand all the options under “i”. Can someone please take some time to explain them all? Thanks!

Huh? “the options under “i””?

Anyway, the release notes generally go into detail about all the options, as does the reference section of the wiki, once you have the correct terminology you can look them up. Then, of course, there’s always Google. What I’m trying to say is, someone has already taken the time to explain them all. If I knew what you were actually looking for I’d provide a link, too.

Here’s a wiki page to get you started: Clicky.

For future reference, I googled “animation

When you set up the position for all the objects for that frame, you press i and the pull down menu comes up with things like loc, rot, scale, locrot, locrotscale, etc…
I know what those ones are, location rotation and scale, but the rest idk what they do…
and in my particular instance I’m moving the camera, when I turn it does that count as rotation?

and thanks CD I’ll look at that :slight_smile:

From the wiki again.

I Insert Object Key. A key position is inserted in the current frame of all selected Objects. A PopupMenu asks what key position(s) must be added to the IpoCurves.

* Loc: The XYZ location of the Object.
* Rot: The XYZ rotation of the Object.
* Size: The XYZ dimensions of the Object.
* LocRot: The XYZ location and XYZ rotation of the Object.
* LocRotSize: The XYZ location, XYZ rotation and XYZ dimensions of the Object.
* Layer: The layer of the Object.
* Avail: A position is only added to all the current IpoCurves, that is curves which already exists.
* Mesh, Lattice, Curve or Surface: Depending on the type of Object, a VertexKey can be added 

The camera is an animatable object just like everything else.

thanks :slight_smile: one more question…
lets say I set up a scene, with the camera and an object.
Next I go to the next frame, can I:
Just move the camera and the object, then do ipo and select Loc? Or do I have to move one object, select ipo, then do the next object and select ipo? And what if I wanted to change the size of one object, and the loc of the other? Would I just choose locrotsize for both of them together? Thanks!

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