Animation question

I have created an object that consists of several pieces that are parented to one object that then rotates. I need to then have several of these objects in my scene. If i duplicate the object and then animate it, the same animation then applies to all the duplicates is there a way around this. Basicallly the object is rotating but i dont want them to all rotate uniformly.

There are two ways to duplicate.


ALT-D duplicates Linked, with all the animation. SHIFT-D does not.

Also, open up the User Prefences, (pull down the top window) and click on the Edit Methods button. From here you can dtermine what will get copied when you duplicate something.

you can allso link the objects to an empty, and animate the empties
or the more time-consuming technique:
set the cursor to the desired pivot-point
add a plane
join the object to the plain
remove the vertices of the plain
and presto! a new object…