animation questions

okay i have a few questions about animation that im sure have been answerd before but i cant manage to find, sorry. anyway here we go:

  1. first of all i tried to do some animation and messed up is there anyway i can return all the frame to the original state all at the same time instead of having to go to each and move it to the begining spot and hitting i and all that

  2. what im making is two interlocking gears and i want to the last frame to return to the original so that i can loop it and make it look infinate what would be the best way to do this ?

thanks for the help

  1. To clear all key frames, go to the IPO or NLA(for armatures) and press ‘x’ to delete all keys at once (note: you must have all the keys selected by pressing ‘a’ before hand)

  2. Look into using IPOs. You will probably want to do the following:

Set an original key frame. Go up the number of frames you want (determines the speed the gear will turn). Rotate the gear and insert another key frame. Then go to the IPO window. You should see graph-like lines. Go to the ‘Curve’ menu, then to ‘Extend Mode’, then select ‘Extrapolation’. This will make you object rotate through all keyframes. Since this is a fairly short and explanation, you may wish to check into some tutorials on it as well.

thanks ill try that !

I have an armature with lots of bones that were keyed. Now, I’m starting a new scene and need to clear all the keyframes in the armature, sending it back to its original rest possition. I know I could go to each and delete the keys in the IPO window, but is there a shortcut that I don’t kno about that will “clear all keyframes for selected objects?”

I am new to blender and new to this forum.
I’ve played around with blender some days and of course there occured some questions I could answer myself or I found help in the existing tutorials on the web.
But one problem could not be solved that easily and I will try to explain it now.

I have got a humanlike model, just a simple one with cubes as the body parts.
I want to animate it WITHOUT any armatures!
Just with moving and rotating.
my problem is: how can I overwrite/delete single keyframes?

For example: I’ve made my correct animation until frame 31 and from frame 32 to frame 36 Ive messed up the animation.
Now I want to delete the locRot of these frames = delete the keyframe 32- 36, is that possible?

At the ipo curves menu I could only delete the whole curve but not single dots=keyframes on the curve itself, but there must be a way resetting single frames.

Thanks for your help and sorry if my english is a bit weird, I did my best hnngh

Editing IPO’s is like editing anything else in Blender. Select the IPO(s) with the keyframes you want to edit and TAB into editmode.

two interlocking gears

Use IPO Drivers on one of the gears.


thank you very much, that really helped me :smiley:

for everyone else who got the same issue:

  • go to NLA editor (choose “NLA actions” from the list in the left corner, where “3d” is default)
  • there you can edit every single action of every single frame

this was new to me, thx for your help