Animation: Rad7

This is my first try at a movie (DivX 5.2 required to view). C&C most welcome.



heh heh, that’s pretty good for you first movie. :slight_smile: For some reason I can imagine him scratching his head while he’s looking around like that and then takes off.


Not bad at all for your first attempt at animation.

The movements are a little static and could flow more, but it is a robot, so take that with a grain of salt.

Your particle emitter for the rocket seems to be a little big. I comes through the side of the robto.


Looks good for a first animation - I agree with BgDM about the static movements and the emitter. Little extras like pnoland’s scratching idea would help.

Funny character!

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Pnoland: Thanks, I was going for a fun, light-hearted feel for the clip. Nice idea about head scratching.

BgDM, Thoro: Thanks, I agree, his movements are a bit static and could flow more. As for the particle emitter, I was trying to suggest that the rocket exhaust was billowing out around his body, but there is probably a better way of doing this than by just having large halos that intersect the robot body as you say.

I really enjoyed doing this piece and learned a lot about Blender animations, the NLA screen is a fantastic tool, I used it to create individual actions that I could then re-use at will. I also learned a lot about character rigging, some ways are easier than others. For those starting out with character rigging, I would really recommend following the online Blender documentation on this topic at

not working :frowning:

Grimreaper, I just tested it, it seems fine. Clicking on the thumbnail at the top of this thread, takes you through to my website, where you then need to click on the thumbnail image on the left to launch the avi. You will need DivX 5.2 to view it. Let me know if you still can’t get through.