Animation|Red Robot Walk

Hey guys, Im still working on my animation, heres a real short clip of a sort of march. The focus was on fluidity and flow. It’s pretty exagerated for toony effect.

Link(you dont have to download either, FYI)
There is something a bit off(He looks a tad like he’s stepping out of something sticky for the first couple steps), but I cant quite place it. Or, perhaps Im just being nit-picky with my stuff, let me know what you think.

Thanks everybody, peace,

It might be because he’s leaning too much to pick up his feet, like he’s trying to hold them higher over the sticky substance. Also because his feet move quickly once they’re up, but they pick up off the ground really slowly, like they have to move through something to get off the ground. One other thing is that, even though he’s lifting up his leg fairly straight up-and-down, there’s a lot of ‘lifting from the heel’ before the toe comes up, which would also make sense if his feet were stuck in something, because the heel is closer to the lifting power–the leg–so it’d come up out of the stickiness first on a straight pull.

Anyway, this isn’t to discount the quality of the animation, which is really nice and fluid, but they’re just some ideas on what might be giving you the sticky impression.

Aaaaahhhhhh, youre RIGHT!

That is it. Okay, a bit less heel to toe then, and a faster lift-off. Sweet

Hi, it’s a nice anim though you have some issues there. Problem I see is that you have a bad “high” pose and bad timing among your poses. A toony walk should keep the high pose longer and then go down abruptly. Reaching the high pose should be done quickly. Now this pose should have your character almost standing on its toe.

Instead of this you seem to keep an inbetween pose longer, and reaching the high pose takes a lot of time. He lifts his feet slowly to a certain point, and then quickly reach the high pose. Thus he looks like his foot got stuck and made an extra effort to get it free.

Besides the feet problem, arms and head shouldn’t be so soft and relaxed if you go for toon style. They should hold an realease energy in short periods of time.

Anyway I like what you are doing :slight_smile: hope to see more !

PS: At the very begining of the anim you can see the foot on the floor does some jerky movement.

I think you’re right about the stickiness. The up motion for the leg about to come forward should be faster, but delayed a little bit as well. The weight should come down on the forward foot when it lands, but the rear foot stays on the ground as the weight gets transfered from it to the front foot. Then the body recovers from that and starts going back up again, and the rear foot follows it. So your rear foot is coming off the ground a bit soon me thinks.

That’s a more ‘standard’ walk cycle recipe tho, and there’s a billion ways to get one. I always recommend Richard William’s book “The Animator’s Survival Kit” just cause it goes over so much detail on stuff like this. There’s probably 50 pages worth of walk/run information and stuff to think about. It’s all done in 2D but the ideas will work in any animation format.

Anyway, i like your robot… These little block characters are fun, no? They’re pretty much the 3D equivalent of stick figures.