Animation reel 2010

Hi, I finished my animation reel, it only includes quite recent work as I wanted to include only my best material. All 3d stuff done in Blender. I am calling it an animation reel, but I also did the rigging, modelling, rendering and everything else except some of the sound.



Really nice. I love your work and the animation is cool. A real cartoon :slight_smile:

This is excellent work. I love the way you animated that barrel. You don’t see a lot of cool cartoony animation like that with Blender. It really felt like it was a character. Your modeling and texturing style is really good too. All around great work!

I totally agree, it’s a great animation, you’ve got a good style :wink:

nice reel, nice animations. well done.

just an idea for the next reel: you could do some small subtle animation in the title screen as well. looks a little bit boring with just the text moving and the nice model doing nothing. it’s an animation reel and you should use every second of it to present your work. but as i said, it is just an idea, no critizism.

Your work emphasizes a point I am always trying to make, that movement is more important than modeling, lighting, texturing etc. Animation is what we love, and producing good animation is about one thing…good movement.

Well done. (clapping)

Thanks for the kind comments everybody!
Cedric + pickle: Yup, I am all about the toon style
Blendman: Thanks very much, your comment means a lot to me, as your work has been a huge inspiration for me since I started using Blender!
Monsterkodi: You are right the intro could be more interesting / fun. I did that in a bit of a hurry…
3dementia: thanks! animation is deffinately my main strenght and what I aim to show with this reel.